How to Get Top Dollar for Your Old Horse Trailer

We already covered how to find the best horse trailer for your needs, from a buyer’s perspective. But what happens when you’re ready to sell the horse trailer that you already have? There are a lot of different reasons why people choose to sell a horse trailer. Sometimes they get out of the horse business and they want to sell off inventory. That’s perfectly valid. It’s also sensible to trim down inventory when there’s a downswing in the business or when there’s an upswing and you plan on upgrading your equipment. There are always newer horse trailer models coming out on the market, so it’s very important that you update your equipment regularly.

If you want to get top dollar for your old horse trailer, there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind.

Old Horse Trailer

First and foremost, you want to clean the entire trailer from top to bottom. While this sounds like common sense, the reality is that a lot of sellers don’t bother to clean up what they’re going to sell. The odd thing about buyers across most marketplaces is that they really do not want to see any dust, dirt, debris, or anything else that will distract them from the product. You should present all items for sale in the cleanest manner possible. This means you might have to spend a day washing the trailer down and getting all of the mud off. Clean the mud around the backup lights and along the sides very well. Check the mudflaps to make absolutely sure that they are clean, and the wheels should be clean as well. Again, this is going to take some time but it can really raise the value of your trailer considerably.

Next, you want to take quality photos. This means that you don’t want to have fuzzy, out of focus shots that don’t tell the buyer what the trailer is really like. Even if you plan to sell it in person, you still want to lure in quality buyers with great pictures. If they don’t get good pictures online, they’re not likely to make the time to go see it in person.

The other part you need to think about is a good description. Talking up the great features of the horse trailer is awesome, but you also want to be able to talk about any drawbacks the buyer might find. If it’s an older trailer that has some scratches, disclose those. If there are dents, disclose those dents as well. You want to give the buyer an honest accounting of your trailer, so they don’t feel like trying to get a refund.

Overall, these tips should serve you quite well when it’s time to sell your trailer.

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